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Clean and Fresh campaign gathers momentum!


Clean and Fresh campaign gathers momentum!  The Ultimate Detox for your car this Summer. 3 Part Fuel, Engine and Air Conditioning Cleanse.  Air Conditioning Cleanse in Four fragrances, with the option of a fragrance Free Cleanse should you prefer or need this option due to health reasons. PART ONE – ENGINE FLUSH = Clean ENGINE •    Increased Effectiveness from the Oil Change. •    Optimum lubrication from the New Engine Oil. PART TWO – FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER = Clean FUEL SYSTEM •    Improve Fuel Flow and Delivery for a safer more responsive drive •    Lower Emissions protecting you and the environment •    Fuel Efficiency Improve Fuel Consumption and saving you money PART THREEAIR REFRESH = Clean & Fresh VENTILATION SYSTEM •    Proven to kill Mould, Fungi and Bacteria •    Improves Air Flow and Air Quality •    Disinfectant for the Ventilation system and Vehicle Cabin •    5 fragrances available: Apple, Lemon, Blueberry,


air conditioning system

Bacteria, mould and fungi contamination can form on your evaporator and inside your heating and ventilation system. IGNORING IT CAN LEAD TO… Drivers and passengers breathing in bacteria and allergens Poor airflow and quality of air Persistent smells from the vents OUR ANTI-BACTERIAL AIR CONDITIONING TREATMENT CLEANSES THE SYSTEM SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY… Killing bacteria, mould and fungi Disinfecting the air conditioning system and vehicle cabin Improving air flow and quality EN1276 Approved (independent laboratory tested) HOW YOUR AIR CONDITIONING WORKS RUN YOUR AIR CONDITIONING ONCE A WEEK Unused air conditioning allows bacteria to breed Prolonged periods of inactivity can cause corrosion or seizure and seals to leak gas Replacement parts or a system re-gas can be very expensive LOOK AFTER YOUR CARS AIR CONDITIONING Switch air conditioning on at least once a week Disinfect annually, eliminate spores and reduce the risk of “sick car syndrome” Regular air conditioning checks and

What’s in your tank?


Since 2008 fuel in the UK has been changing due to government legislation. This has seen the emergence of Bio-fuels in everyday road transport fuel. In Diesel we have seen the introduction of B7 diesel and in unleaded fuel the standard is E10 Petrol. So what does this mean? The essence of it is very simple: B7 means 7% bio-diesel is mixed in with regular diesel. E10 means 10% bio-ethanol is mixed with regular unleaded. Targets have been set to continue to increase these percentages, looking towards a 20% mix in future years. Does THIS affect me as a driver? It is very early days, but there have been several recent articles on the web and in the press to suggest it may: New E10 Petrol ‘Reduces Fuel Efficiency’ (source: Sky News 6 February 2014) What Car? magazine performed what it said was the first “real world” test outside of

Why carry out an Emission Control Service?

Save Money with Emission Control Service

Helps clean and maintain the fuel system – safer more responsive drive. Helps lower emissions – environmental benefits. Helps improve the fuel consumption – providing cost saving. What does an Emission Control Service Do? The Motor Detox Emission Control Service is suitable for using with Petrol, Diesel and all Bio-Fuels. It has been formulated using a blend of special detergents and additives that will help clean the entire fuel system, removing deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and other fuel system components and will provide additional protection against fuel contamination