Marketing Support

Point Of Sale…

Motor Detox can provide a full range of marketing support to help promote the products within your service department.

We have a comprehensive range of effective eye catching point of sale to support our products.

These can be adapted to suit specific site requirements and are usually of A4 size, designed to be customer friendly and easy to read and understand – pointing out the benefits of the additional services we are offering.

This range comes free of charge and is provided by your area business development manager.

Product Campaigns…

We have a wide range of knowledge in planning and supporting campaigns and will assist in providing ideas, targets, marketing support, and specialised training for any promotional campaigns throughout the year.

Mail Shots…

We can also assist in providing material and marketing support for any one off mail shot campaigns, or in conjunction with regular database service reminders.

Digital Point of Sale…

We have developed digital point of sale that can be displayed on digital photo frames and in reception area televisions or displays.

Digital photo frames are usually supplied free of charge on a loan basis (subject to certain terms and conditions).

The full range of point of sale can also be customised to incorporate your group or company logo, theme or for use when working with specific product campaigns.

iOS & Android Apps…

We have recently created both iOS and Android apps for use within service departments on tablets or smartphones. This enables dealership staff to easily highlight the features and benefits of the Motor Detox product range to customers, as well as the ability to email a Point of Sale directly to them.

Our apps have also been developed into a desktop call centre system allowing call centre staff to distribute personalised dealership offers and follow up with potential customers.