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New Year – Why not treat your car to the ultimate Detox!

Motor Detox Happy New Year

January is all about a new start to a New Year, whether it be joining a Gym, eating healthily, or just being that little bit more conscientious!  Why not do the same for your customers and recommend a complete Detox for their car.  By using Motor Detox Fuel, Engine and Air Conditioning Cleaners, your customers car can get the attention it deserves alongside its annual service or MOT. For more information email info@motordetox.co.uk or call 01223 861929

Why carry out an Emission Control Service?

Save Money with Emission Control Service

Helps clean and maintain the fuel system – safer more responsive drive. Helps lower emissions – environmental benefits. Helps improve the fuel consumption – providing cost saving. What does an Emission Control Service Do? The Motor Detox Emission Control Service is suitable for using with Petrol, Diesel and all Bio-Fuels. It has been formulated using a blend of special detergents and additives that will help clean the entire fuel system, removing deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and other fuel system components and will provide additional protection against fuel contamination