At Motor Detox we specialise in supplying the professional motor trade with an extensive range of high quality,
high performance products for use in motor dealership service and parts departments.

They provide an essential tool for technicians in addressing the stringent demands and servicing regimes that are required as automotive engineering becomes ever more sophisticated and complex.

Revenue Stream…

Not only do our products solve many of these vital maintenance issues, but they also provide our customers with a useful revenue stream for each service centre. And the end user, the motorist can be reassured that his service centre are using the very latest products and techniques to keep his vehicle performing reliably, economically and safely.


A very important aspect of our business, in addition to our ever evolving and developing product range is our training division that has been established to target the specific requirements of the professional motor trade.

Our goal is to ensure that all “front desk” service personnel (and in many cases technicians and parts personnel) who interact directly with the customer on a day to day basis have the required levels of skill and product knowledge to address any servicing issues confidently and successfully, leaving the motorist reassured and happy.

Our training division has proven over time to be highly successful in motivating service teams to achieve impressive in-house sales targets and customer satisfaction polls for a wide range of professional dealerships, whilst providing the best possible service to their customers in this highly competitive industry.

Safe and easy to use…

And products that do work, that are safe and easy to use, are environmentally friendly
And are very competitively priced.

R & D….

Along with our product range and training division, we have established a research and development division to monitor, review and keep updated on latest trends and changes in automotive engineering (including fuels technology) to make sure our products are always providing optimum performance.

80 years industry experience…

The management of Motor Detox have between them over 80 years experience of the motor industry, from direct workshop and service centre experience to working in the fuels technology industry, particularly in recent years with Bio-Fuels.

With this experience we understand the demands of todays motorist and the complexities of running a profitable service division.

Service with a smile….

And we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering good old fashioned friendly service combined with the very latest technology.

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